Website Platform Fee:

The website fee is 10% of the value of your raffle, you can add this fee to your raffle amount so you receive your full target. This fee covers use of the platform, the payment system which is Stripe and customer support also.


If a raffle is canceled by the user for what ever reason we will refund all ticket holders their money, every last cent of it it, this can take 2-3 working days depending on your bank. We issues bulk refunds to ticket holders however 80 % off raffles are completed.

Payment Duration:

Once a raffle ends, everyone will get an email to outline who the winner was, we get an email also and issue the raffle money straight away, as in within minutes of a raffle ending, its up to the raffle creator to hand over the prize item then, money will appear the the raffle creators account with 2-3 working days depending on their bank.

Online Support

GoRaffleIt is dedicated to providing high level support to all of our users.