Website Platform Fee:

The website platform fee is 8.6%, this is to cover the costs of running the website and our dedicated admin and customer services team to keep this site up to date and function all 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Payment System Free:

They payment platform fee is 1.4% + 25 cent per ticket sold, this is standard fee to keep the payments and your credit card details secure.


Although its a small amount we suggest you add these percentages into the price of your item so that you can walk away with the amount you requested for your item.


If a raffle is canceled by the user for what ever reason we will refund all ticket holders their money, every last cent of it it, this can take 2-3 working days depending on your bank. We issues bulk refunds to ticket holders however 80 % off raffles are completed.

Payment Duration:

Once a raffle ends, everyone will get an email to outline who the winner was, we get an email also and issue the raffle money straight away, as in within minutes of a raffle ending, its up to the raffle creator to hand over the prize item then, money will appear the the raffle creators account with 2-3 working days depending on their bank.

Online Support

GoRaffleIt is dedicated to providing high level support to all of our users.