Terms and Conditions

Last updated June 01, 2021

Terms and Conditions:

Go Raffle It is a digital competitions platform based in Ireland. Go Raffle It is a service
provider which allows people, businesses and charities to create and manage their own competitions online.

Go Raffle It operates competitions – skill based games resulting in the allocation of prizes in accordance with the terms and conditions on the website.


By entering a competition you will be deemed to have legal capacity to do so, you will have read and understood our terms and conditions.

You must be over 18 to enter any competitions running on the Go Raffle It website.

We do not allow cash competitions, competitions for animals and or any competitions of a sexual nature, these competitions will be removed.

Competitions are governed by Irish Law and any matters relating to the Competition will be resolved under Irish Law and the Courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

In the event that you participate in a competition online via the Website, and by accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you are not breaking any laws in your country of residence regarding the legality of entering our Competitions.

Go Raffle It and competition creators will not be held responsible for any person / user entering any competitions unlawfully.

Platform Use:
To use the platform we ask people and businesses who create competitions to donate a small part of their competition target amount to a charity of their choice, the donation amount is up to the user and this is only a suggestion. This donation amount can be added onto the competition target also. 

Go Raffle It makes weekly donations to various charities around Ireland also.


Use of the platform is 10% of the value of the competition target amount.

If a competition is unsuccessful, cancelled or runs out of time there is no fee for use of the platform.
Charities please get in touch for reduced rates. [email protected]

Transaction Fees:

There is a €0.50 cent transaction fee on purchase of a ticket to a competition, this fee is 100% refundable if the competition is not successful and or cancelled or runs out of time.

Competition Creator's:
In creating a competition, competition creators must give a detailed and accurate description of their item or product in the description provided and must outline any damage that has occured to their competition product in the past. They must add an up to date recent image of their competition item or product to the area allocated to them on the website.

If the competition creator's item or product is damaged, lost, stolen or mislaid the competition creator must cancel their competition immediately and / or update the competition page description with this information.  

Entering a Competition:
To enter a competition a person will need to create an account with their email or Facebook account. The user can then navigate to the competition they wish to enter and purchase a ticket with their debit or credit card.

We do not store debit or credit card information on the website.

During this process you will be asked to answer a skill based question and those who answer the competition question correctly have an equal chance of winning a prize.

Competition Winners:

All competition winners must agree that the competition creator (if the competition is a success) may use their name and county of residence to announce the winner of the competition on their social media platforms.

Competition winners and creators must get in touch with each other to arrange the prize within 3 days of being notified by Go Raffle It that they have won the competition.

Competition winners must also allow up to 10 days to get their prize.

Competition Prizes:

Competition prizes must reflect what the competition creator has detailed and described in the Competition description area. Any images of the prize must reflect this also.

Go Raffle It does not take any responsibility if competition prizes are damaged or not what has been detailed and described by competition creator the however if the competition prize turns out to be false and or seriously damaged we will take legal action for any sums of money transferred by Go Raffle It to the competition creator. Any legal fees in this instance will be paid in full by the competition creator.

Competition Monies :
All monies will be held by Go Raffle It until the competition is completed. Go Raffle It requires this as if the competition is not successful we will automatically refund all ticket holders.

If a competition is not successful and or cancelled or runs out of time we refund ticket holders 100% of their money back.

On completion of a successful competition we will transfer all money to the competition creator minus our fee of 10%.

Go Raffle It does this by digital transfer and requests 2 to 3 working days on completion of the competition to appear in the competition creators account.

This can sometimes take a day or two longer depending on the bank we are transferring into.

Transfers of Fees on successful competitions:

Money is wired to the competition creator within 2 to 3 working days on successful completion of a competition and plans have been made for the winner to collect their prize.

Therefore, money stays with Go Raffle It for a duration of the competition, this is for 15 to
30 days maximum. We transfer and follow up with an invoice outlining the transaction and our fees.
It is up to thecompetition creator to declare to the revenue any money that may be liable to pay tax or VAT on any money transferred by Go Raffle It.

Go Raffle It does not take any responsibility if taxes are not paid by competition creators to the revenue.

If a competition is unsuccessful we will refund all ticket holders, we refund 100% of their money and do not take a fee on unsuccessful competitions.

If a competition is cancelled by the creator or runs out of time, 100% of refunds get made back to the ticket holders.

We request 2 to 3 working days for refunds to be back with the user from the day the competition ended.

Competition Timelines:
Each competition by default lasts for 15 days however we offer one extension of a further
15 days also by request of the competition creator.

If competitions are not completed by the 15 to 30 days it is up to the competition creator to request more time to extend the competition and also inform ticket holders about the extension. They must update the description section on their competition page.

All competition entrants will be notified if they have won a competition or not the very minute the last ticket is sold. Go Raffle It contacts both the winner and the competition creator to confirm the winning ticket ID.

Winner Selection:
The winner of a competition is selected by an algorithm at random by the website, this is done automatically the very second the last ticket is sold, once the last ticket is sold the winner gets an email to notify them they won the competition and everyone else is notified also by email that they were unlucky and did not win.

There is only one winner of any competition. 

Go Raffle It will announce the winner of the competition on the website competition page and on our social media pages. We will then contact the winner by email and / or phone to provide contact details of the competition creator.

It is up to the competition creator and winner to arrange the prize between themselves, we do not get involved with this and are liable for prizes not being given over in a timely manner.

If for any reason the competition creator is unable to contact a Winner within 10 days of the end of a competition or the winner fails to confirm acceptance of the prize or the winner is disqualified as a result of contravening any of these terms and conditions, the winner will forfeit the prize and the prize will remain in the possession of the competition creator. 

To Contact Go Raffle It about any of the above you can email us at [email protected] or by phone on 086 873 7088.