Step 1:

You want to set the price of the item your selling reasonably, no one will want to buy a ticket for over priced items.

Step 2:

Give your raffle a catchy name, maybe use your name and the items - Jonny's BMW or Sarah's bicycle.

Step 3:

Select a category for your item, put it under what ever matches closest.

Step 4:

Set your tickets price and denominations, you would want to keep this low enough and at a price you feel your friends and family can affords too, you have 15 days to sell your tickets so keep it reasonable and fair.

Step 5:

Add an image of your raffle item, take with your phone and make it as clear as possible, you can use the tools to crop, rotate your image also if required. You can add multiple images in the next steps.

Step 6:

Give as much information about your product as possible, when you bought it, what you used it for, suggestions what people can use it for and why you want to sell it also, the more information and the more informative you are the better, you can add images in with your test also.

Step 7:

Share your raffle far and wide, through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter what ever you feel is best, when the last ticket is sold and the raffle takes place, so the quicker that happens the quicker you get paid too.

Step 8:

Your good to go, your raffle is live, make sure you read the instructions on this step as you need to add your bank details to your account so we can pay you, best of luck.

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