• Refugee 4 Refugees Raffle

  • Refugee 4 Refugees are running a raffle to raise up some funds to keep their services in Lesvos and Samos going, 100% of proceeds of this raffle will go towards Refugee4Refugees and will be spent on the following:
    Continuing to develop our child friendly spaces in both Lesvos and Samos, both are just next to the biggest camps on the islands. The spaces provide a safe environment for children and their families to come together, play and relax away from the stressors of living in a refugee camp. We need to provide more sporting equipment to fill our sports pitches as well as purchasing more materials to continue to build the spaces.

    We also are in need of a new van. We need to raise around €10,000 to purchase this. So for now we are using funds to keep our current vans on the road. The vans travel many miles in a day transporting volunteers to carry out our vital work and also transporting essential items between our warehouse and free shop. The vans are old and break regularly. Until we are able to buy a new one it is important to keep these ones on the road! When the vans stop so does our work.
    Refugee 4 Refugees is a non-governmental organization, with no political, religious, or ethnic affiliation that works at the front line of the humanitarian crisis in Greece. The founder is a refugee himself so knows first-hand the problems involved in obtaining asylum and is aware of what it is like to create a new life in a country far from the place you called home before losing everything. After realizing that he is well positioned to help fellow refugees and asylum seekers, he decided to found Refugee4Refugees. We now support as many refugees as possible on Lesvos and Samos by providing essential items such as clothing and hygiene packs while also providing activities in a safe space for children as well as adults. The need is always growing and so is the amount of work!
    Our websie is unfortunately currenlty under construction but you can see more about our work here:
    The Raffle Prize is:
    2 x Wallets made from up-cycled life jackets
    2 x Refugee 4 Refugee branded t-shirts
    1 x Pencil case also made from up-cycled life jackets 
    1 x Refugee4Refugee branded tote bag
    -€10 euros per ticket (you can buy multiple)
    -Only 200 tickets to be sold
    -As soon as the last ticket is sold the raffle takes place and a winner is selected at random
    -Everyone will be notified via email if they are the lucky winner or not
    -All proceeds to go to Refugee 4 Refugees
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