Step 1: Creating an Account

There are sign in or sign up buttons at the top of the website, if you a new user sign up to and account otherwise please sign in. We only require a user name, email address and password top create an account, its easy.

Step 2: Creating a Raffle

To create a raffle you will see your account tab in the top right hand of the screen, you will see a drop down menu where you can create a raffle from. This will bring you to some further steps please see our how to create a successful raffle page.

Step 3: Buying a ticket

If you are buying a ticket to a raffle you can sign up to the website and create an account, navigate to your friend or family members raffle and click buy ticket, you will be asked for your credit card details, your payment is made through a secure platform called Stripe, you will be sent your raffle numbers via the email you signed up with.

Step 4: Account Page

On your account page you can change your user name and password, You can also add a profile picture to your account. If creating a raffle to receive your raffle money payout you need to add your bank details here also.

Step 5: Sharing on Social Media

A raffle lasts up to 15 days, as in you have 15 days to sell your tickets otherwise it ends and all ticket buyers get their money back. Its important you share your raffle on social media or via email with friends, family and work colleagues too otherwise you risk not selling all your tickets in this time line and it being canceled.

Step 6: Tickets and Payments

On creation of a raffle we request you add your bank details, IBAN and BIC to your account page so we can pay your your raffle money. When someone buys a ticket they receive it via email and they payment system we use is Stripe, its very secure and safe also. Once a raffle is completed (on last ticket sale) the creator will get their raffle money within 2-3 working days, this is the banks timeline not ours.

Online Support

GoRaffleIt is dedicated to providing high level support to all of our users.