How the Raffle Works

1. First we establish the prize, you can either source this yourself, through a donation or use some of the funds being raised to purchase one.

2. We establish what amount of money you wish to raise and the ticket volumes.

3. Establish the content for the raffle, an ‘about you’ feature and what your goal is and why you wish to run this fundraiser.

4. Stripe provides our payment gateway, we will send you a form to fill out (name, address, bank details). We will then use these details to make a payment of the money raised.

5. Once the above is complete we will create the raffle and send you a link to confirm the details are correct, we then launch it.

6. We promote the fundraiser online through social media and other sources.

7. The winner is selected at random by the website as soon as the last ticket is sold. Everyone is automatically notified as to whether they have been lucky or not and ticket ID’s are also available on each customers account so they can check themselves should they wish to.

8. We announce the winner on our social media pages.

9. Once arrangements have been made by you to provide the winner with their prize we transfer funds over to you.

(We request 3 working days from when the raffle takes place to transfer funds)

10. Voilà, once funds has been received we can start another fundraiser for you.