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1. Do I need a license to host a raffle on your platform?

No. All fundraisers on our platform are legally classed as 'prize competitions' which do not require a license.

2. How much does it cost to host a fundraiser?

Please send an email to [email protected] and we can explain how transaction fees and the costs work.

3. Can I host a raffle in my personal or business name?

Yes. You can host a raffle in your personal name or your business name, also you can run it in the name of the charity, club or not for profit organisation you are running it for.

4. What is the minimum ticket price I can charge for my raffle?

You can charge a minimum of €10.00 per raffle ticket.

5. What is the maximum ticket price I can charge for my raffle?

You can charge a maximum of €100 per ticket.

7. How do I provide the prize to the winner?

When create your fundraiser you would have selected the relevant delivery/collection option. You and the winner must communicate between each other to arrange delivery/collection of the prize.

6. How is the winner selected?

All tickets are entered into an automated draw where our system selects winners at random. Everyone will be notified by email if they are the lucky winner or not.

8. When do we receive the funds ?

Once the fundraiser has ended and the winner has 'accepted' the prize we will process the payment and send you the proceeds from ticket sales. Payments are typically made within 48 hours unless previously agreed.

9. How do we get paid?

You can receive your money via Bank Transfer, we can also send funds directly to you or the club or charity you are raising funds for.

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