Delivery / Shipping

Test Delivery / Shipping Policy

  1. Hosts are responsible for providing the following information on the Particulars including:

  1. Prize delivery / collection options.
  2. To state if the prize is to be delivered by post, courier or collected.
  3. A timeline of when the winner can expect their prize.

Claiming the prize

  1. The Host is obliged to communicate with the Winner in order to arrange delivery or collection of the Prize.
  2. The Winner is obliged to communicate with the Host in order to arrange delivery or collection of the Prize.
  3. We will communicate with both parties also to make sure all runs smoothly also.
  4. Go Raffle It expect that a prize is delivered in a timely manner, some prizes may vary in time due to location and size.
  5. Delivery of the Prize is not included unless specifically stated in the Particulars and as such the Host and the Winner will need to deal with this directly between them.


  1. Go Raffle It do not pay out to hosts until the day the winner receives their prize and is happy with it also and it as was described.
  2. The winner is to contact Go Raffle It on the day they have received their prize or has made contact with the host and is happy arrangements that have been made.

Go Raffle It are not responsible for the delivery of prizes from the host to the winner, not are liable for any damage to prizes and goods in the process or journey of the delivery.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss the above or if you have any questions.